Capability Overview

Selecting a global supplier can prove to be a daunting challenge for companies that have never done so. Patriot has qualified several strategic partners serving a myriad of industries that have proven to be reliable, cost-effective, and honest.

Patriot's global supply chain partners throughout the world are capable of:

Tool Building:

•Injection and Compression Molds
•Progressive Stamping Molds
•Vacuum form tooling
•Closed mold tooling
•And many more...

Precision Plastic Molding

•Injection molding machines
•Ranging in size from 55 ton to 480 ton
•2-shot capability
•Robotic automated part/gate pulling
•Complimentary processes include:
•Silicone compression molding

CNC Capabilities

•Four and five axis CNC Machines
•Prototyping and mass production
•Post process CNC trimming
•Materials processed
•Stainless Steel
•Mild Steel

SMT Capabilities

•Modern Samsung SMT Line
•In-house PCB production and PCBA layout & design
•Flexible MOQ's

Steel Fabrications

•Low cost high volume heavy metal fabrication